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Ad Blocker

How many of us would be happy to never see another advertisement again in our whole lives?  Ad Blockers can help .

Most of us get annoyed when we are trying to watch a show or read an article

and we are being bombarded with advertisements that pop up on our screens or interrupt our shows.

Whoever invented the Ad Blockers app has my undying gratitude.

Downloading an Ad Blocker app allows you to have a great web browsing experience

without the hassle of constantly having to close pop-up ads or skip video ads.

There are good points and bad points about using an ad blocker, though.

Ad Blockers Good Points:

The best point of using an ad blocker is the freedom to browse the net without distraction. 

You can open a website and find that there are few, if any, ads showing on what you want to read.

If you are watching Youtube videos, you don’t have to watch the ads at the beginning of every video.

You don’t have to constantly close pop-up ads wherever you go.

It is easy to get used to a mostly ad-free online experience.

Bad Points:

Many websites detect your use of an ad blocker and refuse to let you into the site unless you turn your ad blocker off.

This can be very annoying, because while you may want to read an article or access a video,

you have to make the choice between seeing what you’ve clicked on and putting up with all the ads you will be forced to look at. 

You can change the settings on your ad blocker to allow you to always see certain sites while allowing ads.

It is also quite easy to temporarily suspend your ad blocker just to look at one article or page. 

Most people find that an ad blocker gives them a much nicer experience while online,

and they work around any difficulties it presents with not trouble.