An Automated Home

Automated Home
Automated Home

It may sound like a science fiction story, but a fully automated home and can be operated remotely

is not only possible, it is becoming normal.

An automated home has an integrated network of devices – electronics, communications methods,

and hardware – that work together to give you access to the controls of your house

from anywhere you can get WIFI.

There are a surprising number of appliances and normal home operations that can communicate with your smartphone.


You can buy a fridge that keeps track of its contents and makes a grocery list for you as foods are used up.

Then you can use that grocery list to order your weekly grocery shopping online and have it delivered.

If you like to have music or a radio playing when you get home, that can be programmed to start when the door opens.

There are robot vacuums that can be started using your smartphone and will have the floors nice and clean when you get home.

Automated Home Operations:

Your smartphone can be used to see who is ringing your doorbell

or entering your yard via security cameras and doorbells that send video to your phone when triggered. 

Electronic locks on doors can mean you don’t have to worry about losing keys,

because all you need is a code to get into the house.

Security cameras that call the police in case of a break in and smoke detectors that call 911 can give you great peace of mind.

Remote access even allows you to do things like turn the heat up in your home just before you arrive,

so that you come home to a warm house but don’t have to pay to keep it warm all day while you’re at work.

This can save you money since you are only using utilities when you need them, not all the time.