Android Tablets

Android Tablets
Android Tablets

Tablets can be great fun to play games on, read books on, or use for running any of the millions of available apps you can get for them.

There are several different brands of Android Tablets,

and they all have some unique properties and abilities, but in general, they all work mostly the same.

One of the great things about Android tablets is that they can run several apps at once, unlike iPads,

so you can be using one app while several others run in the background.

When you consider that there are hundreds of different tablets on the market today,

chances are you will be able to find one that suits your needs at a price you can pay.

Popular Tablets Brands:

Samsung Galaxy tablets are very popular, and are reasonably priced as well,

so they are the first choice for many tablet users.

The Google Nexus is also hugely popular, and it has a lot of fans who wouldn’t own anything else. 

There are several different models, and each one has its followers.

At one time a Kindle was only an e-reader, but the Kindle Fire is a full-fledged tablet

that has all the capabilities that other tablets have.  It’s still a great e-reader, though.

Android Tablets Features:

The Android operating system was invented by a company called Android Inc,

before it was acquired by Google in about 2005. 

Now, the continued development of Android operating systems is sponsored by Google

but there are many companies involved in the project, working together to continually produce new ways to enhance the progress of the system.

Most androids have a decent amount of storage ability (for a tablet) but can also be expanded using SSD cards, so you do have the ability to increase storage space.

Most Androids are less expensive than iPads, which helps to make them incredibly popular and widely used all over the world.