Android Tips and Tricks: Increase Phone Security

Phone Security
Phone Security

Android phone security usually have a fairly robust level right out of the factory.

But there are ways to enhance your phone’s security level.

There are a few simple things that you can do to avoid the possibility of having your phone hacked or getting a virus.

Most of us store a huge amount of personal information on our phones and having a stranger , especially a stranger with evil intentions – get full access to all that information is a frightening thought.

Increase Physical Phone Security

One of the easiest ways to make sure nobody can pick up your phone.

No body can access all your information is to use a phone lock – or two.

Always use a pin code on your phone

It may be annoying to have to use the code every time you want to open your phone’s screen.

But if someone stole your phone they would have trouble getting into it without the code.

Android also has a Smart Lock feature that can keep your phone locked when you are out and about.

And unlocked when you are in a trusted location, like at home.

This feature gives you the best of both worlds security when you need security and ease of use when you don’t.

Increase Online Security

The internet is an amazing invention, but as with everything else in this world, it has its downside.

It is far too easy to download an app or go to a website that can cause you endless amounts of trouble.

The best thing you can do to make sure your phone stays secure is to be careful where and how you use the internet.

When you are in a strange place, only use public WiFi or Bluetooth if it is absolutely necessary.

Know how to use public WiFi securely.

Be careful of what apps you download, as well.

It is safest to stick to only Google apps because you can be sure they are scrutinized by Google and meet their criteria.