Apps That Help You Make Contacts

make contacts
make contacts

There are some pretty different ways to make contacts these days.

A lot of people started out thinking the basic dating website was a bit much,

but over the years it has become quite normal for couples to make their initial connection on websites like Plenty of Fish or eharmony.

Many people are feeling more and more isolated after living through more than two years of a pandemic,

but dating may not be the human connection they are looking for.

Lots of people would like to find ways of interacting with other people that don’t have romance as the main purpose.

With this in mind, here are some apps that you can download that offer new and novel

– and sometimes strange – ways to make connections with other human beings.

make contacts Connecting

The original premise of the dating app has evolved into apps that allow you to connect with people for other purposes.

There is an app called Cuddlr, for those who want to meet someone who just wants to cuddle,

although reviews seem to indicate that most of the users actually want much more than a cuddle,

so the app doesn’t really seem to work the way it was intended.

Those who use the app sincerely looking for just a cuddle are likely to find that the majority of other users

are openly seeking a sexual partner and are using the site for that purpose.

Chatting and Games:

You can find appl like Plato: Find Fun, which allows you to talk to people and play games online,

but it does have ads and it expects you to make purchases as well. 

Houseparty is a fun app that lets you have video chats with others while you are all playing games. 

It became popular with people stuck at home during the pandemic since it works well

and lets you interact with friends, family, and strangers without risking illness.

There are many other connection apps out there that are worth a look as well.