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iOS Tips and Tricks

iOS Tips and Tricks: Using Your Calculator

Every iPhone has a calculator factory installed on it. You can find your iPhone’s  by looking in the Tools icon, or by asking Siri to open it, or even by using the control center or...
Cell Phone Tracker

Cell Phone Tracker

Cell Phone Tracker Cell Phones are as popular as having a wallet. Everyone has one and now we find we cannot live without them. Loosing it is catastrophic. SPONSORED LINKS When we loose our Wallet it...
phone choices

Cellphone Choices

Cellphone Choices can be confusing , There are two main ways to go when you are thinking of getting a new cellphone – iPhones or Androids. 
Backup Hard Drive

Backup Hard Drive

The Great with using your own Backup Hard Drive is you have complete control. You can control how often you backup the data. Even how many...
Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death

Nothing is worse than powering up your device and seeing the Blue Screen of Death ( BSOD ). Panic is your first thought. Next is how...

Deleted Files can be Recovered – but how ?

So like many people I had a hard time understanding how deleted Files could be recovered. It sounds like a magic trick or breach of my Privacy to find all my data stored Online without...

Video Chat Instantly

Random Chat While it seems odd to the older generations, Random Chatting & Video Chat is growing fast, is popular, and is part of the youngest generations Tools. Random chat or chatting with strangers...

Permanent Data Storage

The Most common thing we want to know is How Can I Store My Pictures Forever ? We all take untold number of pictures these days.

Airline Flights Tickets – Steps to a Good Deal

Airline Flights Airline Flights are a keystone part of daily life. With current research and prototype electric planes are sure to continue this trend & become even more important. Airline Flights are becoming more complicated, uncomfortable,...

Hearing Aids – Picking the Best One

Hearing Aids Hearing loss can happen for any number of reasons Birth defects to damage caused by certain illnesses, long-term exposure to loud noise. Sometimes its a type of medications or just the inevitable process of growing...