Automated Home Security

Automated Home Security
Automated Home Security

One of the most interesting things about home automation is the way that it can enhance automated home security.

It is entirely possible to unlock your door, turn on a security camera,

or have your smoke detector call the fire department to report a fire, all from hundreds of miles away.

A home automation system allows you to turn lights on and off,

activate motion sensor lights and cameras, and see what your camera sees in real time. 

Automated Home Security Doorbells and Cameras:

There are two general types of doorbell cameras – those activated when someone rings the doorbell,

and those that have built-in motion sensors and turn on when they detect movement within the sensor area.

When the doorbell camera is activated, you will be able to see what your camera shows on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Many of these cameras allow you to speak to the person at your door as well as see them. 

Having one of these cameras can give you great peace of mind, because you can keep track of the comings and goings at your home even though you are not there.

Home security cameras usually record continuously so that anything that happens

within the range of the cameras is recorded throughout the day, and the data is saved for a specified length of time. 

Security and Fire Alarms:

Security alarms are by no means new technology,

but the newer versions of these systems can be mind-blowingly effective while using far less hardware than the old systems did.

Most security systems consist of sensors, wireless signaling technology,

and a control hub that has preprogrammed responses to certain situations.

For example, if your security system recognizes a break in because sensors indicate a door or window has been opened,

it can also automatically send a 911 call and report that break in in real time. 

It can be very comforting to know that should someone break into your home, and call the police without you having to do a thing.

That could very easily save lives.