Avoiding Situation Apps

Avoiding Situation apps
Avoiding Situation apps

There are tons of apps that help you to initiate or continue connections with other people, Avoiding Situation Apps are

the exact opposite of what you want in your life.

Have you ever wanted an excuse to end a phone call or video chat

without looking like you just don’t want to talk to the person anymore? 

Human beings generally don’t want to be overtly rude to anyone,

so we like to find excuses for why we can’t continue a conversation.

We all sometimes hope for a convenient interruption that gives us the perfect excuse to end a call.

I’m sure we’ve all had that experience, and just like every other problem in the world, there’s an app for that.

Perfect Avoiding Situation Apps:

When you are mired in a conversation that you’d rather not be in,

it is wonderful to get a text or call that allows you to bow out gracefully.

Fake-An-Excuse is an app that lets you send yourself a fake call, answer it,

and then have an airtight excuse to leave whatever situation you are in.

You do have to do some preliminary work to make sure your fake call sounds real,

but once the app is set up and ready to go, you will always have a way to get out of awkward social situations.

There are many other fake call apps that do the same thing, so it should be easy for you to find one you like.

Avoidance Apps:

Time to Split goes through all your social media data

and warns you if someone you don’t want to interact with is getting close to you.

All you have to do is input the contacts you want to be warned about,

your phone will give you enough warning to allow you to casually head off in a different direction so that you can successfully avoid that person.

You should keep in mind that this type of app mines your social media data continuously in order to do its job,

so if you don’t like the idea of that happening then this kind of app is not for you.