Backup Hard Drive

Backup Hard Drive

The Great with using your own Backup Hard Drive is you have complete control.

You can control how often you backup the data.

Even how many hard drives you have.

That is important for data duplication.

It also allows you to store your data in multiple locations for extra protection.

How to use your Backup Hard Drive

There are several things you need to setup for your Data Backup to function well.

First if frequency of Data Backup.

How often you create you data backup copies is important.

The less frequently you back it up the older it is.

The older the data backup is the more that will be missing if you need it.

The biggest mistake is to setup the backup to happen manually.

Never do this because you will slowly do the backup later and later until you simply stop.

Setup the back to be automatic.

Simply plugin the drive and have software that creates the backup after hours.

In the morning just unplug that drive and plug in the second or third one.

This way you do the least work.

Where to Store your Hard Drives

If you store the drives in your office they are available for you instantly.

The drawback is you could loose those drives and then all is lost.

Store at least one copy or hard drive in a different spot.

You don’t need a bank vault.

Just somewhere removed.

A Thief can’t get all your data.

A fire can’t burn all your data.

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