Bad Hard Drive

Bad Hard Drive

When you have a Bad Hard Drive Failure it is about as bad as it gets.

Your computer is down and you very likely are seeing a Blue Screen of Death.

You have many issues to deal with just to get running again.

You just lost a full day of work.

If you were not prepared in any way it could take 1 or even 2 weeks to get back to zero.

Step 1 Do you have a recent Data Backup ?

Having a recent data backup makes a world of difference.

It is easy to fall into the bad habit of forgetting to do regular backup’s

One hard drive failure will cure you of that habit very quickly.

Try to setup storage for your most important data on a cloud Folder.

Doing this makes it automatically backup ready.

It is a proven fact that we all start to slow down out manual backup frequency.

Step 2 Do you repair or Buy New ?

With a bad hard drive you have to ask yourself do I replace the hard drive or the entire computer ?

If your computer is more than 3 years old you should replace the entire computer.

If your computer is a very expensive type with massive computer power you should only replace it if its more than 5 years old.

Also if you have been having issues with the computer crashing or something similar definitely replace the entire unit.

Step 3 Replace the Hard Drive with SSD

One of the best things you can do is switch to a SSD or Sold State Drive for the hard drive.

What is an SSD ?

Its a hard drive with NO moving parts.

Think about this.

Your hard drive spins at around 5400 RPM.

All day, every day.

Other than the fan this is the only other moving part in the computer.

That speed and continuous movement generates a lot of heat.

Heat plus movement is inevitably going to cause a failure.

Not only is an SSD super fast and has no moving parts, it also is super cool.

This is a no brainer, get an SSD drive.

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