Best All In One Printer

all-In-One Printer
all-In-One Printer

It is almost impossible today to find a printer that is just a printer, they are all-In-One Printer.

  Almost every printer you can buy is also a scanner, a copier, and a fax machine,

although most of us don’t use faxes anymore. 

All-in-one printers are bigger and bulkier than plain printers are,

but that is because they need more room to encompass all the different electronic parts needed for the extra functions.

Functions of all-In-One Printer:

Most all-in-one machines can print one or two-sided,

can print labels or addresses on envelopes, and do most printing jobs easily and quickly.

One of the nicest things about all-in-one machines is their ability

to use different types of paper to do different printing jobs,

Using an all-in-one printer, you can scan photos and send them to friends or family. 

You can post scanned photos to social media. 

You can print scanned photos on phot paper or on card stock to create your own cards. 

A good all-in-one printer can do photocopies in black and white or in color. 

It can even sort, collate, and staple the copies in some cases,

although machines with those capabilities are usually quite big and expensive.

Faxes aren’t used as much today as they used to be,

but there are times when a faxed copy of a document is actually necessary. 

You can hook up your all-in-one machine to a landline and send faxes with ease.

What the Best Printers Have:

As with most electronic things, the type that will suit you best will depend on what you intend to use it for.

  If you do a lot of printing, you should choose one with the ability to print 2-sided, to sort copies,

and to use different sizes and qualities of paper.

If you do a lot of scanning,

choose a printer that has a good quality scanner with a comprehensive range of functions to support it. 

In general, though, a decent all-in-one should adequately fulfill all your office needs.