Best Computer Monitors

Computer Monitors
Computer Monitors

There are so many different computer monitors produced now that choosing just one to be the best is a very hard thing to do. 

My personal opinion is always the bigger the better when it comes to computer monitors. 

Large screens allow for better viewing of absolutely everything. 

A small screen can make it hard to see details, which is annoying and inconvenient and can slow down both work and play. 

Best Large Screens:

A large monitor is usually defined as one that measures over 28 inches,

but they do come in sizes of up to 49 inches.  Screen definition and number of pixels both cover a fairly large range.

The Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor provides an absolutely beautiful picture. 

It is thin and light and has amazing color. 

This monitor gives gamers a great experience no matter how demanding the action is or how complicated the game.  You’ll pay a lot for this type of monitor, though.

There are plenty of lower-priced large monitors available that deliver a performance that is almost as good. 

A medium performance at a medium price is sufficient for most people. 

We don’t all need a superior performance level, and we can’t all afford the exalted price,

so it is normal for most of us to look for something that meets our needs and fits within our budget limitations. 

Medium Computer Monitors

A medium monitor is anything between 17 inches and 28 inches and will deliver a clear picture fit for most purposes. 

Most people have monitors of this size, both because they are more affordable

and because they are easier to fit on a desk. 

A medium sized screen can give a clear picture and great graphics, and it won’t cost too much. 

For this reason, my recommendation for the best monitor is one that fits your price point as well as your needs.