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Entertainment Desktop
Entertainment Desktop

There is no need to own a TV these days if you don’t want to or don’t have room for one.

Living spaces are getting more expensive all the time, so many people are living in much smaller places where there isn’t enough room for both a TV and a computer, so it is becoming more common for people to make one thing do the job of two.

With a decent computer and a good quality monitor, you can stream or download almost every movie or TV show ever created.

You can also use your computer as a media hub to control your whole entertainment setup.

A good Entertainment Desktop for watching movies and other entertainment with high-definition quality doesn’t have to be hugely expensive, if you choose the right components.

Entertainment Desktop Best Overall Choice:

Shopping for a new computer that will be a great media hub means knowing what components will do that job best.

If you are going to put your media computer in the living room, you want one that is small but powerful.

Any computer that meets both those criteria will be expensive, so you may have to compromise a bit one way or the other.

Most media hub PCs are desktops, because a laptop tends to be more awkward to use in this way.

One of the top recommendations from the experts is the Intel NUC 817HNK. 

It has a high-speed processor and video card, so it handles both streaming and gaming equally well.

Other Components:

A good media hub can handle the coordination of all the components of your home entertainment system.

It hooks up to your smart TV, and all the other components of your home theatre system, to control everything from streaming content to listening to music.

It can serve to play DVDs or CDs if it has a built in DVD player and can use your smart TV as a monitor to play computer games on.