Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death

Nothing is worse than powering up your device and seeing the Blue Screen of Death ( BSOD ).

Panic is your first thought.

Next is how do I survive this ?

What might I loose ?

Worse yet is when did I last backup my data.

Why are you seeing the Blue Screen of Death ?

You see the BSOD most likely because something significant failed.

But wait, you still have options.

You can reboot the computer and hope.

The failure can be hardware or software.

Reboot and hope it comes back up.

While it reboots go and look for your last back backup.


Did you load a program or APP that is causing this ?

While an APP or program can cause this issue its rare.

Why is it rare ?

Because your computer is so well protected.

Plus the BSOD is indicating a serious CPU issue.

However do not rule out an APP.

What did you last load ?

The other thing to make notes about it what have you most recently done ?

Write it all down.

Where did you go on the browser ?

What programs did you run ?

Hove you noticed any other things recently that may be related to the current issue ?

All this information will help you.

What steps do you need to take right now ?

Because of this you need to stay calm and follow a few steps.

Step 1

Unplug the computer.

Let it sit for 10 minutes

This is to let everything cool down.

I know its the hardest 10 minutes of your month

Stay calm, make sure your com Stay calm, make sure your computer is not covered with papers that hold in heat.

Step 2

Power it back up.

Be patient.

Let it run thru its steps.

Allow it to recover if it asks.

If you get back up and running you still need to take another step.

Step 3

You cannot be sure its fixed or if it will fail again.

Run a Data Backup


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