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Repairing Tech: Right to Repair Laws

Repairing Tech: Right to Repair Laws

Repairing broken or damaged devices has always been a difficult and frustrating process, Right to Repair Laws will help  Most companies that produce computers,...
Tools for Tech Repair

Repairing Tech: Tools for Tech Repair

A lot of people have been prepare Tools for Tech Repair , and pushing the big tech manufacturers to give consumers the...
Security Issues

Repairing Tech: Buying Replacement Parts

It should be a simple process to buying replacement parts for a broken phone, tablet, or PC and repair the device yourself. It is most...
School Laptop

Best School Laptop Features

Since the Covid 19 pandemic started, online school attendance has become a regular part of life for millions of students, School Laptop become a...
Computer Crash

Computer Crash and How to Avoid it

Oh No, you just experienced a Computer Crash, what do you do next ? First take a deep breath. Most of the time its not a...