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Privacy Apps

Privacy Apps for Smartphones

Privacy Apps prevent collection and distribution of data is a hot commodity these days, and most people...
internet speed

Internet Speed

what are the facts behind Internet Speed?  Internet providers are trying to gets to pay higher prices for faster...
Internet speeds Gamer

Internet Speeds For Gamers

If you are a gamer, you understand the importance of internet speed in your gaming activities.  Internet speeds can

Ultra High Speed Internet Do you need ?

Many internet providers offer ultra-high speed internet access, (which is defined...
Passwords setup on your Smartphone

How to Find your Passwords from Smartphones

When you setup a new account on your Smartphone the credentials are saved but its still tricky to find passwords from smartphones.
Find Passwords from Browsers

How to Find Your Passwords from Browsers

It is important to Find Your Passwords because often we setup new login's and forget to write down the new details.
Passwords and your Email accounts

Passwords and Email Accounts

Most of use don't plan in advance how we will setup a new account with an online company in advance but every...
Passwords and Security

Data Security and Passwords are Linked

Data Security is a constant concern yet most do not change passwords often enough. Worse yet the same password...
Computer Crash

Computer Crash and How to Avoid it

Oh No, you just experienced a Computer Crash, what do you do next ? First take a deep breath.
Bad Hard Drive

Bad Hard Drive

When you have a Bad Hard Drive Failure it is about as bad as it gets. Your computer is...