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Things you can try yourself to recover lost Data and Files

internet speed

Internet Speed

what are the facts behind Internet Speed?  Internet providers are trying to gets to pay higher prices for faster...
Internet speeds Gamer

Internet Speeds For Gamers

If you are a gamer, you understand the importance of internet speed in your gaming activities.  Internet speeds can
Backup Hard Drive

Backup Hard Drive

The Great with using your own Backup Hard Drive is you have complete control. You can control how often...
Computer Crash

Computer Crash and How to Avoid it

Oh No, you just experienced a Computer Crash, what do you do next ? First take a deep breath.
Bad Hard Drive

Bad Hard Drive

When you have a Bad Hard Drive Failure it is about as bad as it gets. Your computer is...
How much do Phone Repairs cost

How much does Smartphone Data Recovery Cost

Before you get someone to Handle your Smartphone Data Recovery you should have an idea of the cost. Not...
How to Permanently Delete Data

How can I permanently Delete my Data

There is a big difference between Deleting your Data and Private Information and Permanently Deleting that Data. When you...
Data REcovery after Factor Reset

Recover Data after Factory Reset

When you get a new device the most common worry is transfering all the your data you need before performing a Factory...
recovering data

Recovering Android Data

Recovering your smartphone data has special challenges. Much of your chances for success depends on what the missing data...
Quantum Data

Quantum Computer Data’s Demise

What Is a Quantum Computer ? What is Quantum Data's Demise and Why...