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Laptop Design Flaws

Low Quality Cases and Hinges

Low Quality Cases and Hinges: Laptop Design Flaws

Laptops are quite expensive, usually, and it is a huge disappointment to buy one and then discover that it is not sturdy enough to...
Overheating Issues

Laptop Design Flaws: Overheating Issues

Laptops are notorious for overheating Issues when they are plugged in, especially if they are plugged in and sitting on a soft surface like...
Security Issues

Laptop Design Flaws: Security Issues

The great convenience of a laptop is that you can take it anywhere and still use it as long as you have an internet...
USB Ports

Laptop Design Flaws: USB Ports

Every laptop have USB Ports, and most laptops have more than one.  This enables users to connect more than one device to their laptop. Why, then,...