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Vehicle Diagnostics APP

Vehicle Diagnostics on Your Smartphone

As amazing as it sounds, you can buy a Vehicle Diagnostics device that plugs into your vehicle’s computer
Selling Sites

Selling Sites

There are Etsy and Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace and dozens of other selling sites where you can sell things...
stream music

Streaming Music: From Buying to Streaming

IPods and other music-only devices are time of past , Streaming Music become main way to enjoy music
navigation maps

Navigation Maps : Google Vs Apple

Google Navigation Maps is used all over the world.  Apple Navigation Maps is not so widely used, but...
voice commands

Voice Commands for Cell Phones

Voice Commands, It is really pretty amazing that we can speak to our smartphones and not only have...
Moblie apps

Mobile Apps

A lot of great mobile apps out there, both Android and Apple.   Some are useful, some are fun,...
Music Freedom

Music Freedom vs iTunes Vs Spotify

People love Music Freedom, There are a lot of people who used to use iTunes, but it seems to...

Private Cloud for Data Storage and Security

Store all your data on a Private Cloud for security and data backup. When you store data in the...

Electric SUV

SUVs are the most popular vehicles on the road today, so the creation of the electric SUV has come as no surprise. Why is the...

Video Chat Instantly

Random Chat While it seems odd to the older generations, Random Chatting & Video Chat is growing fast, is popular, and is part of the...