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Custom Ringtones:

Custom Ringtones, Vibrations, Flash Alerts

Most of us have only one ringtone for every call, and we never think to change that. There is a way to customize your ringtones,...
Pre-Installed Apps

Pre-Installed Apps for smartphone

Every smartphone comes with a set of pre-installed apps that are ready for you to explore and use. Which...
Cellphone Handling Enhancements

Cellphone Handling Enhancements

Anyone who lives with reduced hand dexterity, Cellphone Handling Enhancements can help, They would benefit from...
ICE numbers.

ICE numbers : In Case of Emergency

Nobody ever wants to think that they will be in an accident, ICE Numbers is for this time. We...
Enhancing Audio Settings

Enhancing Audio Settings on Your Smartphone

Those with hearing loss or who spend time in noisy environments may find Enhancing Audio Settings helps them
Visual Enhancement

Visual Enhancements on your Smartphone:

Sometimes the type on smartphones seems ridiculously small, we have helper : Visual Enhancements. For those of us who...

Headphone Jacks on Phones

Listening to music on a trough Headphone Jacks on smartphone has become a normal part of modern life.  ...
navigation maps

Navigation Maps : Google Vs Apple

Google Navigation Maps is used all over the world.  Apple Navigation Maps is not so widely used, but...
cellphone repair

Right to Repair -Cellphones

Right to Repair - allow who to repair their phones. Cellphone producers have in the past been extremely...
phone choices

Cellphone Choices

Cellphone Choices can be confusing , There are two main ways to go when you are thinking of getting...