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Automated Home

An Automated Home

It may sound like a science fiction story, but a fully automated home and can be operated remotely
Privacy Apps

Privacy Apps for Smartphones

Privacy Apps prevent collection and distribution of data is a hot commodity these days, and most people...
Pre-Installed Apps

Pre-Installed Apps for smartphone

Every smartphone comes with a set of pre-installed apps that are ready for you to explore and use. Which...
Monetization internet

Monetization : The Progress of of the Internet Developing

At one time, almost everything on the internet was free, now Monetization is everywhere, and the intent was...
Microsoft Office Subscription

Microsoft Office: From Purchase to Subscription

As recently as a few years ago, you could purchase Microsoft Office and have it installed on your computer permanently. 
Moblie apps

Mobile Apps

A lot of great mobile apps out there, both Android and Apple.   Some are useful, some are fun,...
Music Freedom

Music Freedom vs iTunes Vs Spotify

People love Music Freedom, There are a lot of people who used to use iTunes, but it seems to...
Protect your Data Backup

Backup Your Data Backup and be Prepared

You must Backup your Data and your data Backups to be 100% safe. So, you’ve written a plan for data recovery in case of a...

Data Backup Software Solutions and Programs

"The Right Data Backup Software, the right solution" There are literally dozens of different software programs out there. These Programs help you organize your data backup...
video conference

Video Conference Call & Meeting Solutions

Conference Call Solution A Great Video Conference Call Solution makes the experience fantastic. From Organizing the time to controlling who speaks and who listens. SPONSORED LINKS A...