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Cell Phones are as popular as having a wallet.

Everyone has one and now we find we cannot live without them.

Loosing it is catastrophic.


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When we loose our Wallet it is incredibly hard to find it, but not as hard with your Cell Phone.

You can use Cell Phone Tracker APPS to find the phone. Not only your Phone but others too.

Your Partner’s Phone.Your Children’s Phones and if you don’t know where your Kids are this is a big deal.

Keeping our Kids and Family safe starts with being able to find their devices when its urgently needed.
Even allowing us to find our Stolen Phone us hugely important given the high replacement cost.

Can I track my phone after its already Lost ?

If you want to track your own phone then yes. You can still find it even tho you failed to install any tracking software APPS. Simply log into your Google account. This has to be the same google account that is associated with your Phone. If you hate to be tracked and you have a different google account for every device this could be a problem. If you have the login details for the google account associated with the phone log in now. Find the Phone icon and click it once you are inside the google account. You can now Ping the Phone. Once the phone gets the Ping you can see location details in the google account. Now if the phone was Stolen you have to understand that the phone gets pinged and the thief likely saw that. They can leave or turn off the phone. If the phone is just lost then go to the location and find it. Its easiest if you can use another phone to track down the GPS coordinates. Even better is to use a second phone to log into your google account as well. This way when you get to the spot the phone should be at you have options. You can ping the phone again.Find the location again. Has it moved ?

What is a Cell Phone Tracker ?

A Cell Phone Tracker APP is the simplest way to find a lost phone. Install the APP and keep a record of how to access the lost phone details. If your phone gets lost its far easier to find with the APP installed.

Family Finder

Nothing is worse than realizing your Children are not where they should be. Having pre-loaded a Tracking package onto their phone you will be able to find them easily and quickly. Do not think that the Cell Phone tracker is a spy device. Talk to your kids and explain what it is about. Talk to them about Safety and explain what they need to do if they are not safe. Hiding the phone on their person is the best thing they can do as you will be able to find them with it. When you work together then it keeps everyone safe and happy. Take care not to use the cell tracker software to punish your kids. If you do this then most cases they will take steps to remove or disable the cell phone tracker APP. Ye sits hard to keep calm sometimes because kids will be kids. Keep in mind the long game. You want to find them if something serious has happened.


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Not just because they are out when you said not to. Respect their privacy when its appropriate and they will respect the tracker APPS.