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Cellphone Choices can be confusing ,

There are two main ways to go when you are thinking of getting a new cellphone – iPhones or Androids. 

Both have their advantages and their disadvantages,

and there are plenty of people who are great fans of one or the other. 

They each have some distinctive features that make them attractive, and some drawbacks as well. 

Cellphone Choices : iPhone

The great thing about iPhones is that they are almost always smaller

and therefore easier to carry than Androids,

plus they give you access to the full range of Apple products that are out there. 

Apple offers a huge range of apps and related merchandise that is all compatible with the iPhone. 

This makes it very easy and convenient to access all the products you could possibly need. 

Most people with iPhones are likely to use a dozen

or more associated Apple products of one sort or another on a daily basis. 


Android phones are made by several different companies so their features can vary greatly,

but as a general rule they have bigger screens than iPhones.

  They also have a large range of apps and other products

which may be quite similar to those available to iPhone users but are designed and built for Android phones.

 They don’t quite have the stellar reputation enjoyed by Apple,

though, since Android apps can be produced by pretty much anyone. 

Android apps aren’t tested or approved by any single entity, so they can be of lower quality in some instances. 

This gives them a tendency to crash more often than apps on an iPhone.

On the upside, the screen on most Android phones is easier to customize than that on an iPhone,

so you can make your Android more your own. 

You also may have to pay money more often for Apple apps,

but in return you get a service with fewer ads, so it can be worth the money.