Cellphone Handling Enhancements

Cellphone Handling Enhancements
Cellphone Handling Enhancements

Anyone who lives with reduced hand dexterity, Cellphone Handling Enhancements can help,

They would benefit from using cellphone attachments and cases that make it easier to use their phone.

Aging hands, or those with arthritis or neuropathy, make it hard to grip a phone. 

This can lead to dropped phones, causing broken screens and other damage.

If you or someone you know is having trouble physically handling a phone,

there are a couple of things you can add to your phone to help with that problem.

Cellphone Handling Enhancements: Cases

Most smartphones are slim and smooth, so it can be very easy to lose your grip on one. 

Good quality phone cases can help a lot with being able to reduce accidents.

A heavy-duty phone case that has a grippy texture can reduce the chances of a phone slipping out of your hand.

A cellphone case that has shock-absorbent properties will protect your phone even if you do drop it, so there is much less chance of damaging it.

Phone Straps and Buttons:

After you have chosen a good phone case, you can add a strap or phone loop to the back of it so that you can slide your fingers through the strap and not have to grip the phone.

There are cases with a built-in phone loop. 

They are easy to use and may reduce hand strain from gripping a phone while talking.

A phone button can also allow the user to hold the phone without gripping it.  The button is collapsible and sticks to the back of the phone. 

When you need to use it, you pop the button out to its full extension position, then slide the button between your fingers. 

This allows you to cradle the phone in your hand without having to grip it.