Phone Service Provider – How and Why to Change

Phone Providers

When dissatisfied with your phone service provider you need to make a change.

It is important to do your research first so that you can make an informed choice and will end up happy after it is done.

What to Do

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself why you are unhappy with the service you are getting.

If it is a matter of price only, and the rest of the service is satisfactory, then try calling your service provider.

Tell the representative that you are unsatisfied with the price you and you are considering switching service providers.

You could get a reduction in cost offered when the company is faced with the threat of losing a customer.

Remember to remain polite, calm, and reasonable at all times during the call.

Have some information handy about other service provider’s prices.

That way, you can quote a price that you think is more reasonable than what you are paying, and which company offers that price.

Every little bit helps!

Find a new Phone Service Provider

When dissatisfied with the service offered by your Phone Service Provider  you will need to research.

Research which company’s offer better service at a comparable price.

Check out ratings, customer service information, and news articles.

These will often tell you if the company is the subject of lawsuits or significant customer dissatisfaction.

Research is key, Do this before you decide which company to switch to.

Make sure you also check coverage areas for cell companies, so that you won’t be disappointed with your cell reception.

Talk to Your NetWork

Talk to your neighbors and people in your area.

Who are they using ?

What do they hate about their current provider ?

Talk to your Coworkers.

What kind of plan do they have ?

How do they like the services ?

What is missing for them ?

All the people who live and work around you are going to give you feedback that you would experience should you use their provider.

Its like hearing ahead of time what might go wrong.


Best Cell Phone Providers

To find the best overall Cell phone provider you need to look at the Big Four National Providers.

Once you have the packages they offer you can compare and pick the best of the group.

Next look at the small guys in your area.

Often they are fighting for market share.

Great package deals come up, be prepared to pick one and move fast.

AT&T Service Provider

While actually a simple holding company they are a massive conglomerate with deep pockets and a great network.

Sprint Cell Provider

Once a stand alone member of the power 4 Sprint is actually now owned by T-Mobile !

T-Mobile Cell Provider

T-mobile is now the Whole owner of Sprint and is now is the best place to take advantage of their powerful 5G Network.

Verizon Cell Service Provider

Originating as BELL USA, Verizon was formed out of the government mandated split-up of BELL into the 7 small bells as they were known.

Don’t let this fool you, Verizon is a powerhouse of a Cell Provider.

When you sign up with the new company you will sometimes have the option of keeping your old phone number, which can be beneficial.

Need a New Phone ?

Once you know you plan to change phones with the new contract there are things to prepare.

Make sure you back up your contacts and any data you have stored on your old phone.

This guarantees that none of it is lost in the switch.

Most phone companies offer very similar plans at very similar prices, with very similar coverage.

It is easier and faster to fix the issues you have with your existing Phone Service Provider than it is to switch.