Comcast TV – Why They Are Still the Best Choice


Comcast TV does have competitors, but for some reason, they always seem to come out on top.

They have around 30 million subscribers, and are the largest cable TV provider in the country.

There are advantages of choosing to get your cable TV from a huge company like Comcast.

They are available in nearly all urban and suburban areas and can offer a good service at reasonable prices.

In many cases they are the only cable TV service provider available, which means the citizens of those areas can choose between Comcast TV and no TV.

Satellite TV is taking a bite out of Comcast’s customer base, but the impact so far has not been that dramatic.

What Services and Packages does Comcast Offer ?

If I get Comcast how can I watch TV ?

What do I get with Comcast Basic TV ?

Basic Cable is the equivalent of what our Grandparents used to get with a TV Antenna.

Effectively you get your Local channels, Local government channels, and some education channels.

This generally will be your local TV News.

Local general interest channels.

Local city and state government channels.

Its enough to give you something to watch, just not a lot of interesting things to watch.

These packages are meant to motivate you to buy bigger and better packages in truth.

Made in America Company

The Comcast Conglomerate is an American entity.

This means you have local representation.

Local Support and Help.

Plus all their profits stay here in the USA.

Buy Local, Grow local.

We all win when we support local companies.

Is Comcast and Xfinity the same company ?

Yes, Comcast owns Xfinity so technically they are the same.

No, Xfinity is the branch company of Comcast that handles a specific slice of business.

Xfinity is specialized in providing Home Internet and TV Services.

With Deep pockets Xfinity is a wise choice in TV Services, however Internet is getting harder for them.

Too many other players in Cell Service and Wifi are crowding them out.

Comcast Customer Service

Comcast’s customer service could certainly be better – their customers consistently rate Comcast very poorly when it comes to customer service, price, billing accuracy, and complaint resolution – but they still subscribe to Comcast by the million, and Comcast is making a determined effort to improve their performance in all of the problem areas.

Comcast’s reliability is also rated as very low.

While this may be true, Comcast is still the largest cable TV provider in the United States.

People who choose to be Comcast customers generally get a decent product for a decent price.

Service disruptions are relatively rare, and are usually due to power outages or physical damage to the cable lines.

Comcast’s Competitors

Since Xfinity, Comcast’s cable TV brand, is available in 39 states, their service is accessible for most Americans.

They offer a good choice of TV services without requiring the customer to purchase their internet services through Comcast.

They do offer TV plus Internet in a bundled deal.

Comcast does have its detractors, However so does every major company.

The fact that they are the largest cable TV provider in the country says that they must be doing something right.