Webinars: A Twist on the Virtual Meeting Concept

Webinars are a popular and useful tool for communicating over long distances with a group of people for a specific purpose.

Webinars also allow contributors to send web content to all perticipants.

Simultaneous voice presentation or telephone discussion is easily handled.

This combination works well when not all participants have the necessary hardware or software to conduct the discussion solely over the web.

Most Popular Webinar Use

Continuing Education has become the most popular use of Webinar’s.

These ‘courses’ typically take 1 to 3 hours.

You get new idea’s and new processes from the comfort of your office.

You can even select webinars with opposing thoughts on the same subject to give yourself perspective.

Fast and Easy to attend, Webinars are the fastest growing education segment today.

Business Meetings Online

Online meetings have become so common that there are now consequences to attending too many.

Mental health issues surrounding watching the screen too much, seeing yourself all the time, and trying to understand what someone means without good body language clues.

It is no surprise since online meeting has jumped a staggering 2000%

So what is the solution ?

Its 3D Virtual meetings.

This will take things to the next step and address all the health issues that have come up.

So what is needed ?



Get the Basics Right First

When participating in a webinar, it is important to understand the procedure that you are to follow.

You also need to know what your participation will look like.

How will you appear to co-workers on webcam?

You will want to dress appropriately.

Will you present an idea or propose a course of action?

ou will want to be fully prepared, with all relevant materials on hand.

All of the participants will need to have the appropriate software installed on their computers.

This software may be different for the presenter than it is for the other participants.

Or it may all have the same capabilities.

It all depends on what your requirements are, and the degree of participation needed from each individual.

Be Prepared and have all Software Loaded and Ready

Your service provider will be able to help you in the following ways:

Ensure that all participants have the software that they need.

Make sure that all other technology are properly synced and ready to use.

Technologies such as phone systems are properly synced and ready to use.

They can also distribute the information on how to connect properly and completely to the webinar.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is the different time zones.

Its a problem to have half your participants missing because they received the wrong call-in time.

Familiarize Yourself with the Software Before Hand

There are a great many different configurations for webinar-supported conference calls.

Your service provider will have many options for you to choose from.

Many people work in a traditional office and only go to meetings down the hallway.

A new breed of satellite office workers are now only using Video Conferencing methods for all there meetings.

Read our Main Article on Video Conferencing to understand your options and limitations.


Continuing Education:

It used to be far harder to send employees and Managers out to take courses and expert Seminars than it is today.

Modern webinar Technology set the seminar industry on its ears, quite literally.

There is one notable advantage with the ease, simplicity and cost effectiveness of webinars today.

We no longer feel the need to pack 100% of the continuing education budget into a single week of tightly jammed Seminars.

Employee retention level climbs exponentially and therefore the employers money spent has a far better return on investment.

TeaMeet Webinars

Today you sit in the lunch room and attend a Webinar on the latest cutting edge technology.

Be back on the factory floor trying it out in No Time.

It will take longer to fly to the city than the entire time to hold the Webinar.

Smarter money Spent and Smarter Results.

Its a win win for everyone except the airlines and hotels.

Smart businesses are creating smarter employees.

Snart Businesses are realizing the results of time and money spent in a uniquely modern and smart way.