Controlling Sounds on Your iPhone

Controlling Sounds on Your iPhone
Controlling Sounds on Your iPhone

Every iPhone comes with a bewildering array of choices when it comes to customization options, like Controlling Sounds on Your iPhone.

so choosing the sounds that work best for you can take some time.

You can change the way your iPhone sounds in an almost unlimited number of ways,

giving you the ability to have your phone sound completely unique and unlike anyone else’s phone ever.

While there are plenty of choices for different sounds already programmed into your phone,

you can also get apps that offer specialized sounds.

Some of these apps are free, while others may cost a small amount. 

Most of the sound options apps are not at all expensive,

because they are not terrifically complicated programs.

Changing Basic Sounds:

The basic sounds, such as ringtones and text notifications,

can be changed to other choices by going into Settings and selecting Sounds or Sounds and Haptics,

depending on what model of iPhone you have.

This action will open a list of sound choices. 

Selecting each of the different sounds will give you a demonstration of each sound,

so you can hear what it sounds like and choose the ones you like the best.

You can also change the volume of your alerts by going to Ringers and Alerts and using the slider bar you will find there.

Apps for Controlling Sounds on Your iPhone:

If you click on the App Store icon on your iPhone,

you can use the search function to find dozens of apps that offer sounds.

There are apps that allow you to make a ringtone from a clip of your favorite music, or from a movie or TV show. 

Others give you huge selections of random sounds that you can choose from,

with the ability to create custom combinations.

You can use these apps to give a different ringtone to each of your contacts,

if you want to, so that you will know who is calling before you even look at your phone.

Some people choose to give a different ringtone to each category of contact,

so family members get one ringtone, while business contacts get a different one.