Data Backup Methods and Systems

Data Backup Methods

Cell Phones has been a driving force for using online Data Backup Methods and Systems. The Youngest Generation uses this method seamlessly.

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The Right Storage, the Right Solution

The right Data Backup Methods mean your data and business are safe from disasters and human error, mostly.

In this age of digital information, it seems inconceivable that information could ever be permanently lost.

It happens all the time.

Your devices are subject to being lost, stolen, and broken.

Devices can become contaminated by viruses, and they die of old age.

They are even dropped in toilets, run over by cars, and melted in fires.

None of them last forever.

It is imperative that you back up the information on any device by storing it somewhere besides that one device.

Biggest Player in Online Data Storage

While many are surprised at this, the biggest player in Online Data Storage is Google.

Why is this some have asked ?

Its totally in line with google’s business.

They already have massive server farms to handle their core business of Search marketing.

A small expansions frees up some extra space for users to sign up and get storage for themselves.

Why is it free tho ?

That is easy.

Google makes money off the information they have.

Give them more information at no cost and they are happy to just not pay for it.

Consider this: Who owns that data ?

What can google do with it ?

What can you do to prevent them from doing anything they wish ?

Backup Relatively Small Files

It is quick to backup smaller files.

Files that are important yet don’t take too much space.

The advantage of backing there up yourself is that you physically have copies.

The Cloud is awesome because it does the work for you.

Its convenient. Very Convenient.

If the cloud fails you are lost. Your Data is lost.

There is zero chance to recover anything because you don’t have the data.

Not even a little of it.

Because of this there are advantages to local backup methods.

We recommend an annual local backup process.

How to create Local Data Backup

USB flash drives work well for storing data.

Flash Drives are small, portable, not very expensive, and can store a huge amount of data.

They also allow you to write over the stored information, making them reusable.

Drives are good because they will store data safely for up to about 10 years.

Flash Drives are also sturdy because they have no moving parts, and are remarkably safe.

The downside is that they are small and easily lost.

There are better Data Backup Methods than this.

Data Backup Methods

At Home Full Data Backup

External hard drives are a good storage device.

They are used to back up a whole computer, or even several computers.

They hold a huge amount of data and you can use then to store files, photos, and videos.

If you are trying to store long pieces of video, you can find the extra space on an external hard drive.

The is a downside to this method of data storage method.

An external hard drive can be subject to the same types of physical damage that your original device is.

Use the Cloud for Multiple benefits

The cloud is an internet-based method of storing data.

Your data is physically stored on several different servers in different locations.

You access this storage system through a hosting company who charges a small fee for data storage.

They are responsible for maintaining the servers and keeping your data intact.

They are also responsible for making sure you can access your data, and that no one else can.

The danger of this method of data storage is the hosting company.

They can go out of business or lose your data through some other method.


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In short, it is unwise to rely on only one method for storing precious data.

My advice is to use two or more backups.

The number of backups in proportion to the importance of the data to you or your firm.

Many people have started using the Cloud Storage methods for your Data storage needs.

There is always going to be some data that is not on the cloud.

We need to figure out a great plan to backup and secure this Data.

Read our Main Article on Data Backup & Recovery to understand your options and limitations.