Custom Ringtones, Vibrations, Flash Alerts

Custom Ringtones:
Custom Ringtones:

Most of us have only one ringtone for every call, and we never think to change that.

There is a way to customize your ringtones, though, so that each of your important contacts or frequent callers has a distinctive ringtone.

You can do the same thing as Custom Ringtones with vibration patterns in case you have your phone on silent.

that way, you can still tell who is calling you even if you can’t look at the phone right away.
For those who have hearing loss, or who just want another way to know when their phone is ringing, you can set your phone to show flashing lights when someone is calling.

Setting Custom Ringtones:

Changing the ringtone for a contact is a fairly straightforward procedure.
Go to contacts and open the contact you want to customize.
Click on Edit and start scrolling down until you find Ringtone. Click on it.
This will open up the full list of ringtones available on your phone.
If you don’t like any of the available ringtones, you can buy ringtones from the App Store as well.

Set Vibrations:

Use the same procedure to record a unique vibration pattern for your important contacts.
Open the contact and to go Ringtones. Select Vibration.
There aren’t many options for different vibrations.
Click Create New Vibrations.
Tap a pattern on the screen, then select Stop and Save.
Don’t forget to name the pattern and select Done so that it saves properly.

Flash Alerts:

There are times when you want something more than sounds to alert you when you are getting messages.
If you want your phone’s LED light to flash when you are getting a message, you can set that option.
Go to General, then choose Accessibility, then Enable LED Flash for Alerts.
This only works on the newer versions of iPhones.