Data Storage: Using an Old Hard Drive as an External Hard Drive

Old Hard Drive as an External Hard
Old Hard Drive as an External Hard

Someone devises a way in which you can use an old hard drive as an external hard drive.

Technology is wonderful.

This would allow you to keep data from an old computer, for example, or create a backup for a new computer.

It is a great way to add data storage capability without spending a ton of money.

All you need is a computer accessory that gives you the proper connections,

and you can increase your data storage capacity, keep data from an older computer,

and reduce the amount of computer waste going into landfills.

There are two components that are needed to convert an internal hard drive to an external hard drive.

Old Hard Drive as an External Hard Enclosure:

You will need a hard drive enclosure to protect the drive from damage.

A few different companies make these enclosures , so they don’t all look alike, but they function in the same way.

It is a good idea to check and make sure that the hard drive you have is compatible with the enclosure you choose. 

The enclosure opens, using screws install the hard drive or solid-state drive and to hold it in place,

and then the enclosure is closed using screws.

The enclosure keeps dust and dirt out of the drive and connect to allows cables to connect.

to the drive so you can then connect it to your computer.

Cable Connections:

Before closing the hard drive enclosure,

you will need to connect the hard drive to the plug that you can use to connect one end of a USB cable to,

with the other end going to your computer.

Pay close attention to which way the connections plug in, as only one way works.

When the hard drive is properly wired, you can close the enclosure box and you are ready to use your new external hard drive.