Downside to SUVs & Why we still want them

Downside to SUVs

While SUV’s remain today the most popular vehicle you can buy, you still need to look at the downside to SUVs before buying.

While there are many features that make an SUV ideal for many Families there are downsides.

The first is the Cost to get into an SUV.

Now the Market has reacted to this issue by creating new Products.

Cross Over SUV’s are the primary example.

They have also made more ‘economical’ versions of the SUV.

SUV’s were initially sold as a Luxury Vehicle.

Kind of a Limo on steriods if you will.

Age versus Vehicle size

Ironically there is a correlation between age and the vehicle size we prefer.

In our younger years we are mostly concerned with saving money and getting done what we must get done.

We tend to buy smaller more economical vehicles.

We have less stuff to move and generally no family.

Once we are in the family years we have 1 to 4 children and that instantly changes our needs.

SUV’s become a great option and many of us go there.

Safe, comfortable, and everyone loves them.

Electric Vehicle Changes

Advances in Electric Vehicle Technology is a benefit for SUV’s.

America loves the SUV but is becoming more considerate of the emissions with weather changes over the past 6 years.

Not only are vehicles using electric propulsion getting better but there have been advances in overall body construction as well.

Using ‘waste’ products in the vehicle construction has gained interest.

Manufacturer’s are watching these trends carefully.

Largest Downside to SUVs is Cost to Operate

Now the largest Downside to SUVs is absolutely the daily and monthly operating costs.

It uses more Gas.

Way more Gas typically.

This can set you back hundreds of dollars a month.

As big as that seems its not the worst.

Repairs can be prohibitively expensive.

Consider just the tires, they are BIG tires with a big price tag.

It all adds up.

SUV Advantages

Lets be clear about the SUV Features.

There are a lot of good things about SUVs, features that are very popular.

If this were not true then SUV’s would not be such a huge market.

So what do we like about SUV’s and why do we continue to buy then despite the cost ?


The SUV’s have a lot of room.

Room for kids, toys, sporting goods, and everything else we want.


The driver is up higher because of the SUV size.

While this may not seem important, most mom’s will admit they love this.

They feel safer and in truth seeing things even a fraction of a second earlier is truly safer.

It can simply Do More

When you have kids you do more.

More trips, more activities, more camping, boating, and trips.

The SUV is built for these.

Pack-up the kids for a weekend trip ?

No problem !

Pull the boat as well ?

No Problem !

Final Analysis

In the end you will likely be paying no less than $1000 per month extra for an SUV.

Many family the man of the house decides to get this for his wife and kids, but he doesn’t really need it.

Coming Soon.