Educational Apps

Educational Apps
Educational Apps

You may not be really interested in continuing with a formal education

but learning something every day keeps your brain agile and active and alert.

A lot of adults enjoy game and trivia apps and play them without even considering

that they are learning things at the same time they are playing a game.

One of the best ways to pass the time when commuting on public transit or waiting for an appointmen

t is to immerse yourself in a good game on your phone. 

Time flies when your brain is busy.

There are many different types of educational games for adults, with word games and knowledge games being some of the most popular.

Educational Apps Word Games:

Crossword apps are a great way to entertain yourself and improve your vocabulary and spelling skills at the same time. 

There are several good crossword apps that are free to play and don’t inundate you with ads, such as Crossword.

For those who aren’t into crosswords,

there are dozens of free word search and word scramble apps like Wordscapes, Word Search Pro, and WordBrain

that let you find words, create words from letter selections, or a combination of the two.

Language games such as Sentence Master, and 7 Little Words can improve your English skills while providing hours of entertainment. 

There are also Word of the Day games that let you learn a new word every day, which is fun and educational at the same time.

Trivia and Knowledge Games:

If you are not really interested in word games, there are always those Educational apps that test your general knowledge with trivia.

Trivia apps are great fun, they help you learn new things without effort,

and can even teach you which areas you are weak in so you can brush up on those things.

Jeopardy! World Tour is fun and lets you answer questions all day long if you want to. 

The app looks quite a bit like the show and lets you play as though you are a real contestant.

For those who are movie buffs, Popcorn Trivia is a good choice. 

The game tests your knowledge of movie and TV trivia, letting you win popcorn for correct answers.

If you take a look through what’s available, you will be able to find plenty of entertaining ways to learn things.