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Data Backup
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Data Recovery

Data Recovery and Backup is an interesting Topic. It is nobodies priority until they have lost their data and suddenly panic sets in.


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Our Data Recovery is the Highest priority once we have lost that Data.

There are very few of us who have never lost a file, photo, contact, or song.

This happens on a smartphone, Tablet, laptop, or computer.

Encrypted Data Recovery

You have a dilemma when it comes to protecting your Data. There are conflicting needs between protecting your Data and keeping it safe.
To protect our Data we use passwords and Data Encryption.
there are great variations to both Password and Encryption levels.
The strong the password the better protected your Data.
Likewise the stronger the encryption the more you are protected.
However when it comes time when you must recover encrypted data all is not equal.
Encryption protects the data very well, but it also protects it from Recovery steps.

Pre-planning Your Data Recovery

It sounds like a bad plan to Plan for Data Recovery issues.
But the truth is you will loose less and pay less.
It can also stop all data loss issues al together.
All you must do is a little pre-planning.
What is the important data.
How do you store it so that it is constantly being backed up without you actually doing anything.
It sounds like a dream but you can do this.
Easiest solution is to use Online or Cloud Data storage.
They constantly backup all data for you and if you are not a medium or larger business its likely free to you.
Plan ahead and you will be very happy with the results.
The biggest change you can make is to divide your data, files, pictures, whatever into groups.
The Critical Data is then identified and easily backed up to the cloud and local storage.
Then if you cannot recover Cloud data losses you have a separate backup.

Data Recovery or Not

That is the Question.
Step 1 when you have lost data or suspected you have lost data is to verify if in fact it is actually gone.
Many times it is not, and you can waste a significant amount of time trying to recover lost data is not actually lost at all.
Even when you know its lost there are questions.
Do you in fact need that data ?
Need it enough to pay to get it recovered.
Everyone today has roughly 50 times more data than 20 years ago.
This is not 20 times more data that is vital or even important.
Don’t waste time and money on data you will never use.
Can you live without that data ?
Should you ?
This job can be made easier by prioritizing your data as you work.
Setup folder for important data, setup folders for less important data.
Backup the less important stuff annually
backup important folders weekly or monthly.

When to Not attempt Data Recovery

This is an important question many people fail to consider.
Even your time alone has a cost when it comes to trying to recover data.
There are 2 main issues to consider here.

First will the Data Recovery attempt cause more issues ?

If its not possible to extract a copy of all data before recovery efforts then you will be using your original information.
The algo’s used in data recovery will go thru ALL the data, not just what was lost.
In doing this its very possible more information could be lost and corrupted.
Can you live with that ?
If at all possible only have recovery efforts on copies of your data.

Second will the cost of recovering Data be larger than simply dealing with it ?

If the data is not of critical importance then you first need to think if you should try recovering it.
What if its lost ?
Can you keep going ?
Can you get copies of the important information ?
Do you have data backups to check ?
You may be better off simply ignoring the lost data itself and just move forward.
If you do this consider how you can have a data back up that is enough to work for you in the future.