Family Passwords and Security on WIFI

Family Security and Passwords

When you have children your perspective on security changes and you need to manage Family Passwords.

You must do this to ensure their Security and data protection.

The key to having a good plan is to sit down as a Family to go thru it all.

How much Security do you want and need ?

What happens when you children’s friends come over ?

How can you give them WIFI Access Safely ?

You know that if you don’t setup something now it is going to happen regardless.

You children are not going to consider security, they will just give out the wifi password.

WIFI Security for friends

One of the main things protecting you, your computers and Mobile devices is your Firewall.

So what is this Firewall ?

It part of your WIFI Router.

Now you may not own your own router, many of us don’t.

Your Internet provider is supplying the router in these cases.

Here is the problem with WIFI Routers and their Firewalls.

Any device that logs into your WIFI is granted access to everything on your network and it now bypasses your Firewall.

Essentially its like getting past the Vault door.

Ask yourself this question.

Can you be sure that your children’s friends or Family are being Safe in the internet ?

The answer is that is impossible.

So how can you mitigate the danger ?


Install a Secondary Router with a different WIFI.

The process is simple, just buy the router and plug it into you main router.

This secondary router now has a separate firewall and everything logged into it is on its own firewall.

Give this wifi out to guests.

All your computers and devices that you want protected better you put on the main high security Router.

This is a simple solution for a complex problem.

Place a label on your Fridge with the WIFI name and password.

All guests will log in with that set of credentials and avoid using your Family Passwords.