Free Conference Call

As the name implies you can host Free Conference Calls FreeConferenceCall.

The most popular use for this package is home grown groups that have more than 10 participants.

You can even host audio calls with literally 1000 participants.

This sounds crazy but they have figured out how to make it work well.

Is there a Paid version of

Yes there is and its on par with all other Conferencing software packages out there.

The thing about them is that the free version is very good.

Its niche tends more to the audio calls with large numbers of people.

Most popular video conferencing call packages have issues when it comes to participants talking a the same time.

Most times you simply cannot hear what others say.

You hear everyone all the time on free conference call

How do they make money ?

They primarily make their money via the paid subscription.

However when you sign up for the free version you will come to realize that they actively market to you.

You will be getting regular emails marketing to you and it is not possible to turn that off.

Well, actually you can turn that off by paying for the upgrade to paid services.

Am I loosing my privacy by using ?

No more so than all other conferencing packages.

The calls you record are going to be the biggest concern for privacy.

When you record calls it is stored on their server and you access them by scrolling thru the calls.

While not ideal it is no less secure than all the other packages out there.

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