Get the Channels You Want and Pay Less

Get the Channels you want

There are deals everywhere you look to Get the Channels you want – or so it seems.

Every company that offers TV service wants you to believe that you will get the best possible value for your money.

Check before you chose them as your television provider.

This obviously is not the case.

They can’t all be the cheapest and the best.

If you don’t do some checking before signing up, you could end up paying far more than you need to for your television service.

TV Service Deals

All providers offer a Basic TV Package that is their Best Deal.

Often these packages are priced so low that you cannot believe what a deal they are.

Don’t be fooled.

These packages are their Lost Leaders.

Less than 15% of American households subscribe to only these Package Deals.

Where they make the Real Money is up-selling you.

All the ‘Good Stuff’ are additional Cost Channels that you have to pay for in small groups or individually.

The small the group of channels the more you pay.

When finding the Best Deal you have to be realistic and price out the FULL Package you will want.

Compare this cost to the other carriers and you will end up with your Best Deal.

TV Channel Small Print

The small print in any advertisement may well be the most important part of the ad to read.

That is where you find the real truth about pricing and services, not in the big bold print that promises you the moon – and a cookie – if you sign up right away.

If you are looking for the most economical way to get TV service, you will need to dig into the small print so you will understand the terms of the deal.

There you will find out things like what the price will be after the advertised introductory price expires.

How long a term you have to sign up for to qualify for the deal, and any exceptions to the advertised price.

If you are thinking of signing up with a particular company, be sure to read the small print on their website.

Reading the Contract ensures you understand their pricing structure and all other terms of the contract.

Value for Cost

The second thing you need to pay attention to is what you will get for your money.

A super-cheap contract won’t be a good value if only a few channels are included in the price.

You will need to pay extra to get the ones you really want.

Different companies can offer services that appeal to different customers as well.

The Right TV Company

DirecTV has a good reputation for customer satisfaction and service.

Dish TV offers a contract that guarantees no price increases for the duration of the contract.

Verizon offers a reasonably priced selection of channels without a contract.

Xfinity offers a contract with some very flexible terms. It all depends on what you want.