Headphone Jacks on Phones

Listening to music on a trough Headphone Jacks on smartphone has become a normal part of modern life. 

Whether you are jogging, walking, riding a bus or train, working out at the gym, or washing the dishes,

a set of headphones and some good music can add a lot of enjoyment to whatever you are doing. 

At one time, people used things like iPods to listen to music,

but as with so many other things, smartphones have taken over that task and now deliver the same capabilities

bundled with all the other things a smartphone can do. 

No Headphone Jacks?  Really?

When we know that wired headphones are used by the vast majority of headphone users

(Bluetooth wireless headphones are only used by about 17% of headphone users – the rest all use wired headphones)

why do so many new smartphones come with no headphone jack?

When most people buy a phone, they tend to assume that it has a headphone jack,

because historically almost all phones have had them for many years and we are used to them being there. 

It can be an unpleasant surprise to discover that your new phone has no jack. 

The reason for the disappearing headphone jack is that Apple owns Bluetooth, basically.

  They are gambling that people will buy Bluetooth headphones and put up with

their shortcomings rather than buying an adaptor to plug in wired headphones. 

This would make a lot of money for Apple, and they are doing their best to make it work.

Headphone Solutions:

You can buy an adaptor that connects a set of wired headphones to your phone. 

The adapter, or “dongle” is relatively inexpensive, but it is also small and easy to lose. 

It is still much cheaper than buying Bluetooth headphones, though, which are also small and easy to lose. 

The Bluetooth market is not growing as fast as Apple would like

because they still have not solved a lot of the connectivity and compatibility problems

that Bluetooth headphones have. 

They are obviously working on those problems, but it is unlikely that Bluetooth will dominate the headphone market anytime soon. 

Good sound quality is still tied to wired headphones at the moment and will probably remain so for quite a while.