How can I permanently Delete my Data

How to Permanently Delete Data

There is a big difference between Deleting your Data and Private Information and Permanently Deleting that Data.

When you upgrade devices you can always sell your old unit.

This poses the question how do I safe guard all my information ?

Simply performing a Factory reset is the absolute minimum you are able to do.

This does not ensure your information is safe.

What Does Factory Reset do?

The factory reset removes all apps you loaded to your device and erases all data pointers.

It appears to remove all your Data but that is not true.

How hard is it to get the data back ?

Its surprisingly easy.

Publicly available recovery apps can, will, and have recovered the so called erased data.

What is recovered if I permanently delete my Data ?

Everything still saved in memory, but you need recovery software to get it back.

Emails that you assumed are erased are still recoverable and readable.

All of your texts ?

Yes those also will be recovered.

The worst potentially is all your photo’s and video’s are also recoverable.

That is worst if you have nude pictures that you had wanted erased.

Factory Reset with Erase all Data Option

In newer software releases you have one extra step in your Factory Rest.

That is the option to perform a Factory Reset with Erasing all Data.

This is different that removing all the data pointers.

Your data is permanently wiped.

So yes, when I can Permanently delete my Data by performing a Factory Reset combined with the Erase all Data Optio.

What about your Memory Card ?

Typically you will not be selling your memory card with the device.

This means you must remove it before permanently wiping all information.

Read our Main Article on Recovering Lost Files to understand your options and limitations.