How to Find Your Passwords from Browsers

Find Passwords from Browsers

It is important to Find Your Passwords because often we setup new login’s and forget to write down the new details.

How you can Find the passwords depends very much on where you setup the new account.

Find Your Passwords on Laptop Browser

All browsers have the option to remember website Login Details.

These details are your username and password in most cases.

Your browser will remember more like your address, etc, etc.

All anyone needs to login into your websites is the username and password.

If you are like the rest of use you have setup accounts at all sorts of retailers and distributors.

Companies that sell groceries to clothes.

Even your favourite restaurant now all the same.

If you have your browser remember logins than your computer absolutely must have a password on power up.

If not then if someone gets your computer then they also get into your accounts without anything to slow them down.

The only saving grace you have is that retailers often only will ship to the billing address on the credit card.

This is not always true.

Protect your Browser Saved Passwords

There are a few things you can do online to protect yourself.

Protect your privacy and financially keep yourself safe.

Fist always have a good password on your computer for startup.

When you get up to leave your computer always LOG OUT.

This way if someone lifts the computer it is not already logged in and bypassing that security level.

If your computer is at home then every night power it down.

Most break ins happen at night and generally speaking you use your computer most before 10pm.

Never ever save your credit card info on your computer or at the retailer websites.

You can keep the credit card in your phone but never keep the CVV with the card number.

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