How to Find your Passwords from Smartphones

Passwords setup on your Smartphone

When you setup a new account on your Smartphone the credentials are saved but its still tricky to find passwords from smartphones.

They are saved on your smartphone.

This won’t help you when you then want to access that account on a different device.

Find the passwords fromr Smartphones

Smartphones are trickier than your computer and its hard to find Passwords from Smartphones.

Most times your passwords are not stored on your device directly

Android phones store the passwords on a google server.

this is good and bad.

Good for you b/c if you device gets smashed into a million pieces you are safe.

Bad for you tho because you are storing then out of your control.

Now google is the best of all the bigger companies that you want to have your passwords.

They proactively make privacy changes in our favor.

Phone password is protecting all your other passwords.

The one issue for many people is that your phone has access to all those passwords.

Your entire life really.

So ask yourself this.

How secure is your password.

How did you set that password ?

Most passwords are 4 numbers.

We are lazy and after some time want a password that is easy.

Easy to type

Easy to remember.

Is your password in this typical list that all theives know to check ?







If yes than should someone get your locked phone chances are they will be into the phone in minutes.

Choose a password based on security, not how easy it is to type.

Change that password at least once per year.

Don’t give out the password.

And lastly, never use the year of birth or the year you bought the phone.

Again its too easy.

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