ICE numbers : In Case of Emergency

ICE numbers.
ICE numbers.

Nobody ever wants to think that they will be in an accident, ICE Numbers is for this time.

We do have to be conscious of the fact that accidents do happen, though, and so there is ICE, or In Case of Emergency.

ICE is a number (or more than one) programmed into your phone

so that if you are in an accident or are taken ill and cannot talk,

first responders can access your ICE number and notify someone who cares about you of your situation.

ICE numbers can be programmed into your contacts list so that a care provider can identify the person you want notified in case you are incapacitated.

The system would work perfectly, except that most of us lock our phones. 

If your phone is locked then nobody can access those numbers unless they know your passcode.

ICE numbers How to Make it Work with iPhones:

iPhones now have an icon called Health, and you can program all your important health information into that app.

As you scroll down the list of information sections, you will see Emergency Contacts at the bottom. 

You can program in up to six contacts and indicate what their relationship is to you.

The Health icon will open even if your phone is locked.

All you have to do is tap the Emergency icon on your locked screen and it will open the SOS keypad.

Then you can tap the Medical ID icon at the bottom of the screen, and it will open to show your information.

How to Make it Work on an Android:

Android phones allow you to use your settings to create an emergency contact list. 

Got to Settings, then choose User and Accounts.

Then choose Emergency Information and then Edit Information so that you can enter your medical information.

Put emergency contacts in the appropriate spot.

After your phone is locked, you can swipe up on your lock screen to find the Emergency icon and open you emergency information.