Intelligent SUV Cars you will come to Need

Intelligent SUV

The next generation Intelligent SUV is already on the drawing board. From dummy lights to Self Driving Vehicles, technology relentlessly marches forward.

Our Parents day had us watching the dashboard for Dummy Lights to tell us about the health and status of our cars.

Today our cars have become so smart that soon they will be taking over the Driver’s Roll and we will become passengers.

Some of our ‘older’ friends have only recently embraced such things as connecting their phones to the car stereo via blue tooth.

Even just having a key-less car that only needs a FOB

The oldest generation is fast falling behind quick moving technology.

Intelligent SUV

Next Generation Smart

So what is the next step ?

Where do Cars, Trucks, and SUV’s go from here ?

The obvious answer is Self Driving.

Many people think this is a ridiculous thing to own.

A car that drives us ?

Why ?

What do you do while it drives ?

Well, you save money of course.

It will use less gas b/c it smooths out ascelleration.

It doesn’t get into accidents so insurance will be less.

Intelligent SUV Features

Next will be Bio-metric security and we will no longer need the FOB’s of past.

The Cars will have sensors to confirm our identity from afar and this technology will interface into the soon to come AI of our SUV’s and Crossover’s.

We may fondly look back at our ‘old cars’ that didn’t engage us in active conversation.

However the future ability of the vehicles to sense a medical distress.

They will find the nearest Medical Aide, Route itself and drive us to the Doctor & surely save many lives.

Intelligent SUV Cruise Control

Smart Cruise control has taken the Automotive world by storm.

There are 2 main features on Intelligent cruise control that are must haves today.

Not only do they make driving more pleasurable, they also make it far more safe.

1. Auto Braking

While in Cruise Mode the vehicle will automatically brake to avoid a car ahead of you that is coming up too quickly.

This is a huge safety feature if you have children or are prone to using your smartphone while driving.

2. Speed Matching

By far the most fun feature is the vehicle will adjust the cruise Speed to match a car ahead of you and maintain a safe distance.

Anyone who has tried to speed match manually will instantly love this feature.


The only true downside to this technology is that if you drive longer distances where there are a decent quantity of bugs.

Once the sensor gets covered with bug guts it stops working, and typically the cruise control itself entirely stops working.

You have to stop and clean the sensor to get it working again.

Auto Drive

While that sounds like an impressive  Qty of lives saved I can assure you that it will be nothing compared to the lives saved with AI’s.

The AI’s will take complete control of the driving and our sometimes chaotic method of navigating the streets.

Intelligent SUV Effect on Car Insurance

This will surely be a staggering effect.

However if you are one of the many who believe that this feature will save you money in insurance …

I’m here to tell you that you are living in a dream world if you believe that.

Only a portion of your vehicle insurance is for accident coverage.

Accident Insurance was long ago separated so that safe drivers do not have to pay as much for the accident prone.

In truth the bulk of your insurance pays salaries and for the road and infrastructure we call roads.

Why Bicycles don’t pay insurance for being on the roads is a mystery that I’m sure will be soon rectified.

The only part of the new AI SUV’s and Crossovers that will be completely familiar is going to be the Interior and features.

Features are are Need driven and will follow current feature lists.

Take the classic SUV; This vehicle evolved much like we can imagine a bird or a big Cat did.

Need Breeds features which drove new Needs and new features.

The only true difference is that Technology moves at a head spinning Rate that makes it hard to keep up.

Electric SUV

The wave of the future is in electric vehicles. 

Sales of electric vehicles are increasing all the time

Eventually automobile manufacturers will no longer be allowed to produce vehicles that burn gas or diesel. 

Some countries already have hard targets in place.

With that comes a deadline beyond which no fossil-fuel burning vehicles will be allowed to be built. 

At the present time, electric vehicles only represent a small percentage of overall vehicle sales.

However more and more people are opting for electric vehicles.

There are a multitude of reasons why,  and sales are expected to skyrocket in the near future.

Intelligent SUV Drawbacks

There are still a few drawbacks to owning an electric vehicle.

They are mostly related to limited range and limited charging opportunities.

Both of these are improving all the time. 

Within the next few years, experts predict that the range of electric vehicles will increase hugely.

Aditionally charging stations will be as common ten years from now as gas stations are today. 

This eliminates the two most commonly cited reasons for not buying electric. 

The other reason often cited by consumers is that EVs don’t perform well in extreme cold.

In North America most areas do get extreme cold on a fairly regular basis. 

It is estimated that an EV can lose up to 40% of its battery power  and  range – in extremely cold temperatures. 

Very hot temperatures can also affect performance.

This heat can cause the battery pack to degrade faster than it would in more moderate temperatures.


Downside to SUV’s

SUV IssuesSUV’s are the perfect vehicle for many people including Families,

The SUV provides loads of room for the kids and their stuff.

It also gives you more importantly peace of mind in terms of Safety for the Children.

However, everything is not all rosey for SUV’s as there are many downsides.

The cost for the larger and heavier duty tires and parts.

Even the ever increasing cost to run the vehicles due to its inherently higher fuel usage.


As our Parents before us we will soon be asking our soon to be children for help ‘Making our Car go’.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about this new generation of ‘Smart Cars’.