Internet Access To Another Room

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Internet Access To Another Room, have many ways:

Internet Options

When your internet modem is in one room and your computer is in another room,

you need to find a way to extend the reach of the modem to where you need it,

and get internet access directly to your computer. 

It can often be frustrating to figure out a way to get a good internet signal without restructuring your whole house.

  The easiest and most efficient way is to use a powerline adapter set, and I will explain why here.

USB WIFI sticks can work, and are easy to install,

but they often have connectivity problems when there are walls and other objects between the modem

and the WIFI receiver. 

This interference can slow down your internet speeds and reduce connectivity,

which will become very irritating when pages fail to load properly and videos won’t play. 

Ethernet cables deliver the best internet access of all the possible options,

but they can be awkward to install if you need to cross hallways

or go around doorways in order to reach your computer. 

Also, many people don’t like the look of a long cable going through the house. 

Internet Access on Powerline Adaptor Sets

A powerline adaptor set consists of 2 pieces of DSL cable and two plug-in adaptors. 

You connect the DSL cable to your modem and

to one of the adaptors and plug that adaptor into the nearest electrical outlet.

You use another piece of DSL cable to connect your computer to the other adaptor

which you plug into the nearest electrical outlet. 

This allows the signal to use the electrical wiring of your home as a conduit to travel to your computer. 

You get great internet signal, good connectivity,

and you don’t have to string cable through your whole house. 

These systems sell for quite a reasonable price as well, so installing one won’t break the bank.