iOS Tips and Tricks: Using Your Calculator

iOS Tips and Tricks
iOS Tips and Tricks

Every iPhone has a calculator factory installed on it.

You can find your iPhone’s  by looking in the Tools icon, or by asking Siri to open it, or even by using the control center or the search bar.

The calculator on your iPhone is a fairly simple one to look at and works like any other calculator.

If you turn your phone sideways, though, your simple calculator turns into a scientific one, with all the sophisticated features you would expect from a scientific one.

iOS Tips and Tricks Basic Using:

The basic calculator works like most other calculators you have used.

As with all calculators, you can hit C to clear your last entry, or hit AC to clear the whole equation .

Most of us don’t know that you can also just swipe the top of the calculator screen to erase the last number.

Each swipe erases another number, which makes it easy to get rid of errors and insert correct numbers.

This feature works with numbers and decimal points only.

If you have already pressed a function key, the swipe feature won’t work anymore for that number, and you would

have to hit C to clear that whole number and enter it again.

How to Calculate Without your Calculator:

iPhones are endlessly entertaining, though, and can surprise you with how many ways there are to use them.
You can actually use your search bar to do some very basic calculations.

Swipe down on the screen to bring up the search bar.

Type in your equation using x or * for multiplication or go to the second symbols page for basic math symbols.
The answer to a basic equation will show up in the search bar.

You can also select Go on the keyboard, and that will open the calculator app for you as well.