Low Quality Cases and Hinges: Laptop Design Flaws

Low Quality Cases and Hinges
Low Quality Cases and Hinges

Laptops are quite expensive, usually, and it is a huge disappointment to buy one

and then discover that it is not sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of normal use.

It doesn’t really matter how wonderful the electronic components of your laptop are if the mechanical components break.

Most manufacturers put a lot of thought into the design and materials they make their laptop cases out of,

and they install hinges that can withstand a lot of use and quite a bit of abuse.

Some manufacturers, however, seem to believe in the “good enough” principle, which means that they may not put the very best components into their machines.

One of the easiest ways to save a little money during manufacture is to reduce the quality of the plastic used for the computer’s case and hinges.

Low Quality Cases and Hinges The Problem:

Laptop screens tend to get opened and closed multiple times a day.

Laptops are put into bags, taken out and used, and jammed back into bags on a regular basis.

All this movement can result in a lot of wear and tear on cases and hinges.

The cables that go to the screen go through the hinge area of your laptop,

so a damaged hinge can also mean a damaged cable and that means a screen that stops working properly.

As soon as that happens, your laptop is almost useless, and you need to get it repaired right away.

Low Quality Cases and Hinges The Solution:

Before you buy a laptop, you should do some research on the particular model you’d like.

Check out customer reviews and look especially for complaints regarding the sturdiness of the case and hinges.

If you see a lot of complaints about damaged hinges and cables, choose a different laptop.

If you’ve already bought a laptop and it has these kinds of problems, a good repair shop should be able to help you out.

Don’t delay a repair of a damaged hinge or cable, because the longer you leave it,

the more damage can occur, and that gets harder and more expensive to fix.