Luxury Safari to Africa- Top Planning Steps

When someone says African Luxury Safari do your thoughts automatically go to the Serengeti desert ? Intense heat, herds of majestic elephants, prides of lions ?

It is an experience that you will remember all your life, the dignified beauty of a family of giraffes & zebras, spectacular scenery

A little bit of research and planning can deliver one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime.

Luxurious African Safari

An African Safari today can be pretty much anything you want it to be.

There are hundreds of different choices out there so finding a safari that fits your desires exactly should be a piece of cake.

The Virtual Safari of 2020

With the year 2020 being a full global pandemic, people who had planned african safari trips had them all canceled.

Instead anyone who wanted to still have the african experience was limited to Virtual Safari’s

This did not come across the same, but if you had the option of using a full theater it was far better.

Still, the virtual Tour really just kept you interested until 2021 so that you can plan a true African Safari.

Safari’s a hundred Years ago

At one time, the term African Safari conjured up visions of wholesale slaughter of beautiful wild animals in the name of entertainment.

When the term first came to the attention of the general public it was because of Teddy Roosevelt’s massive African Safari in 1909.

Teddy Roosevelt and large group of friends killed over eleven thousand animals.

It was a bloodbath that was touted as a wonderful opportunity to provide specimens for the Smithsonian Institute.

Other famous names copied him.

It became positively fashionable for the wealthy to do an African Safari once in their lives.

They wanted to  kill animals just to be able to say they had.

Up until recently, African Safari almost always meant at least the opportunity to kill an animal, for no reason other than to use it as a trophy.

The Modern Safari

Today’s African Safari adventure is a much different experience.

There are an alarming number of Africa’s wildlife is on the endangered species list

We don’t even know for sure how many types of animals have already become extinct.

The world is finally waking up to the fact that there is a wonderful alternative to killing the animals.

Photo Safari

Today Safari’s are intended to photograph them, or even just enjoy a chance to observe them in the wild.

The old type of hunting safaris still do exist, unfortunately.

However the vast majority of African adventure tours have become gentler, kinder, wiser, and much more ecologically conscious.

Today the big animals that were once hunted down and killed because that was what made the most money  are now being protected.

Ironically they are being protected because without them there are no Safaris at all.

Both the old and new luxury Safari’s are driven and defined by money.

What we get in a  Safari

Today’s tourist isn’t interested in seeing the animals exploited or treated cruelly.

They don’t want elephant rides because they are cruel and there are many better ways to interact with elephants than to cause them pain.

You are not able to hunt trophies or fur coats with the better Safari Tours.

They want a chance to see these magnificent animals while they still exist in their natural habitat, and maybe to take a few pictures.

African Safari

Pick the Best Safari Locations

You can choose from dozens of different areas to go on safari since so many places in Africa can offer amazing animal sightings and fantastic scenery.

Some countries, however, are generally regarded as dangerous.

Countries to Avoid

South Africa, Sierra Leone, and Liberia are dangerous due to the levels of violent crime.

Sudan, Central African Republic, Somalia, and Libya all have some level of civil unrest or outright war going on.

These types of unrest makes them very dangerous places to visit.

Prepare for your Luxurious Safari

It is always a good idea to check your intended destination for travel advisory’s

Know where your nearest Embassy is and how to contact it.

Pick from the Best Countries

The countries that have great animal viewing and generally safe conditions are Kenya, Tanzania, and Namibia.

Even so you must check local conditions at the time you wish to travel in case conditions have changed.

The countries that have huge nature preserves are the ones that attract a lot of tourists .

They also make sure the parks are well patrolled and kept as safe as possible so that tourists can enjoy their safari experience in safety.

Safari Cost

The price of an African luxury safari can have a huge Cost Range.

Cheaper Cost Safari’s

They can be as supremely inexpensive (but probably somewhat limited) trip at about $125 US per night.

Do not expect a Spectacular Trip or to be waited on hand and foot.

Luxury Safari Differences

You can go to the extreme other end of the scale and take an incredibly luxurious trip for $1500 US per night.

These Safari’s are truely something to write home about.

Most people end up choosing something sort of in the middle of the pack.

A safari in the middle range will run you about $250 US per night and can give you everything you need.

Some tour companies offer discounts for larger groups, and quite often young children can travel free of charge.

Be sure to ask about any possible deals.

Children on Safari

The whole family can go on an African safari, but there are a few special considerations when traveling with small children.

Most tour companies have age restrictions and won’t take children under the age of six.

Some will take younger children on the shorter trips.

A full day in an open vehicle bouncing through rough country is usually considered a bit too much for very young children.

Even if you find a Safari to do this it is not a usual practice .

Some companies have rules that say their drivers are not allowed to stop an open vehicle near the big cats if they have small children along,

It is far too dangerous.

Health Concerns

Other things you need to think about are vaccinations and the possibility of malaria.

You should consult your doctor about both of these issues as there may be age restrictions for some vaccinations as well as malaria medication.


You can usually avoid most of the malaria danger by researching the safest time of year to travel.

The risk of contracting malaria is very low at certain times of the year.

Before you book your holiday, make sure the tour company is aware of your children’s ages.

You also need to understand what, if any, restrictions this will place on your trip.

Best Time for a Luxury Safari

The best time of year to go on a safari is in the African winter, between May and October.

Conditions are usually very dry so the animals need to travel to waterholes where they are more easily seen.

The vegetation is also much sparser at that time of year making it easier to spot the animals.

This is, however, peak season for tourists, so prices will be at their highest.

The next best choice is from January to March, which is the off season.

Prices are lower then, although the weather is hotter and wetter and the chances of seeing animals are somewhat lower as well.

Worst time for a Safari

November, April, and May are the rainy months, when travel is much more difficult and much less comfortable.

These months may have the lowest prices of all, but most people prefer to pay a little more and enjoy a more comfortable trip.

Seasons are slightly different in each area of the continent, so do your research before you book.

Safari Supplies to Bring

Whatever time of year you choose to travel, you will be facing a wide range of conditions every day.

Bring a hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a jacket, and good shoes are all essential packing items.

Ecological Protection

One of the most profound changes in the African luxury safari experience in the last 30 years Ecological.

We must protect animals if we want them to still be around for our grandchildren to see.

This realization has led to an increased awareness of the need to protect ecosystems from everything from chemical contamination to litter.

Be a Good Safari Customer

Safari tour companies are careful not to leave garbage in the parks, and to keep their ecological footprint as small as possible.

This is so that you disturb the animals as little as possible.

Instead of guns, tourists are encouraged to use binoculars and cameras.

The guided tours make a point of trying not to leave behind any evidence of their passing.

Animals to See

For most people the “Big 5” are the animals they are looking forward to seeing: elephants, buffalo, rhinos, lions, and leopards.

There are countless others though, that are equally fascinating, including giraffes and hippos.


These animals are all magnificent and seeing them is an exciting experience.

Do Not forget that they can be dangerous as it will be the last mistake you ever make.

It is absolutely essential that you obey all the safety rules while on a tour.

You should remember to keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times and keep your voice down.

Your tour guide will tell you the safety rules, as well as telling you all about the animals that you are seeing.

If you obey those safety rules, you will disturb the animals as little as possible while still getting a good view.


Your wardrobe for an African luxury safari should include light clothing that blends in well with the surroundings.

Khaki is one of the best choices.

White is a definite no-no, since not only will it be filthy after a day in the African bush

You are Highly Visible with white Clothing which means animals will notice it and move away.

Avoid Red Clothing

Large predators think red is the blood of a wounded animal, so red is out, too.

Earthy colors work best, since you can blend in with the surroundings better.

Good, sturdy shoes or hiking boots are a must, as is a hat.

If you take along a backpack, you can carry a jacket and everything else you will need for a day trip in it.

Do Not Bring List

Some of the things you should leave behind when going on a safari are bright colored clothe and, perfume or strongly scented beauty products

Also flimsy shoes with any kind of heel and anything that makes you stand out against the background.

An African safari is still, in many peoples’ minds, the absolute ultimate in holidays

If you choose to go on one, make sure the trip you plan is the one you want.
We hope your Luxury Safari provides you with precious memories for the rest of your life.