Managing Apps and Icons on Your iPhone

Managing Apps and Icons
Managing Apps and Icons

Most of us have so many apps on our phones that Managing Apps and Icons can become difficult

to find the one you are looking for quickly and easily.

There are apps that come preloaded on your phone that you never use,

while apps that you have downloaded and use all the time are several pages in, making them slow to find and access.

This inconvenience can be remedied if you learn how to rearrange your icons and sort them into categories

so that you know where they are and finding them is a logical and straightforward process.

Having pages and pages of icons to go through every time you need to open something can be annoying,

but there is a way to sort and organize your icons so that you can find what you need immediately and without stress.

Managing Apps and Icons: Sorting Icons

Before you start changing things on your phone,

you should take a look through the pages of icons and decide which ones you want on your home screen. 

These icons will be the ones you use most often as well as the ones that need to be instantly accessible in case of emergency.

After you have decided on the home screen setup, you can sort the rest of your app icons into categories according to your needs.

I would recommend putting all financial apps together,

all shopping apps together, all food apps together, and all utility apps together, as a basic rule of thumb.

Implementing the Changes:

First, touch any icon on your home screen and hold it down. 

On the box that opens up, select Edit Home Screen.

This will result in all your icons jiggling and showing a minus sign.

Then you can touch and drag your icons wherever you want them to be.

If you want to put an icon on the next page, drag it to the right until the next page appears, then drop it on that page. 

This may take a bit of time and effort, but it will be worth the work.