Medical TeleConferencing & Virtual Doctor Appointments

Medical Conference Call
One of the most innovative and beneficial ways to use video conferencing is in the delivery of Medical TeleConferencing service to remote regions.
The healthcare professional on the scene now initiates a Video conference call as soon as they require assistance.

Pandemic Procedures Drive Virtual Appointments

The 2020 Pandemic has drive more change in Doctor processes than anything in the past 50 years.
Most doctors switched to virtual appointments unless an in person appointment was absolutely needed.
Appointments for medication you already take is the most common item.
This makes total sense as unless you have issues why see the doctor.

Specialist Calls:

A doctor & specialists hundreds of miles away see test results & get current vital signs.
Even see the patient and view the patient’s medical problem, (as long as that problem is visible).
Doctors and specialists consult without forcing an already ill patient to travel hundreds of miles for help.
While a thorough medical examination is not possible a visual examination is easily done.
The medical practitioner on scene becomes the doctor’s “hands” to perform whatever tactile tests are necessary.
This can improve the standard of care throughout a remote region.

Improved Standard of Care means better outcomes for patients and their families.

Doctor visits we hope stay virtual

The pandemic forced the doctors to do something patients have long asked for but never got.

Doctors have a list of appointment topics that now are done virtually.

Every patient has benefited from this and hope that these types of reasons will remain on the virtual list long after the pandemic is gone.

Getting a refill on a prescription hardly requires the patient to come into the office and needs to stay virtual.

After all, we are already taking the medication.

Referals to specialists are another wave of the hand visit that hardly needs us to slog into the office.

Gastric Doctor Medical TeleConferencing

Video Conference Calls between Gastric Bypass Doctors and their Obese Patients have grown the fastest.

This is not for Patient Convenience.

Not even so that the Doctor can cram more patients into each Day’s Billing.

Rather its because so many of the Patients are having to go long distances to find their Specialist.

Regular appointments require a long distance drive, sometimes multi day.

Doctor Patient Conference Call
The other reason is because some patients cannot physically get to the Doctor even if they were in the same city.

Highly obese Patients weighting 600 pounds plus cannot safely travel and so it has to be for a very good reason that they make a trip.

In these cases the Doctors are generally looking for a commitment from the patients to actually loose weight.

They require this before they want them to take the Chances of traveling for in person appointments.

This type of Doctor Patient interaction has literally been a lifesaver for many patients.

Virtual Class Rooms

Medical education is another area where Medical TeleConferencing is advantageous.

A great deal of medical education involves actually seeing Patients.

Seeing diagrams, charts, photographs, and video footage is also critical to learning.

Video Conferencing facilitates all of this..

Giving far-away students the benefit of learning from a particularly good professor.

Even being able to see the signs of various diseases or conditions better than is possible in a small photo in a textbook.

Standardized teaching is greatly enhanced by videoconferencing.

Every Student learns the same thing.

This means better communication between healthcare professionals, and leads to better patient outcomes.

Medical Specialists and their Patients

Some Medical Specialists are only available in Large Urban centers.

Making it difficult for a Face to Face Appointment, for example Cancer Specialists.

Video Conferencing making having appointments with your doctors possible.

Possible, economical, and is invaluable to Rural Patients.

Medical breakthroughs and new information can  widely disseminate through videoconferencing, as well.

One of the difficult aspects of practicing medicine is ensuring that the information that you are using to treat patients is current.

And as accurate as possible.

Video conferences for medical informational updates can be an excellent way to facilitate this.

I wonder what our ancestors would think of seeing a sick child accurately diagnosed and successfully treated from a thousand miles away.

I think they would approve.

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