Medical Video Conferencing

Remote Medical Services

Medical Video Conferencing- video conferencing technology to allow patients who are remote to contact doctors & specialists.

This gives them receive reliable, accurate medical care and advice via the Internet in the comfort of their home.

The video aspect of the technology allows for a visual inspection of a patient.

Medical Video Conferencing

The audio you real time communication with your doctor .

You can answer all questions face to face and live and All your doctors questions get asked and answered.

When needed you can get a third party available to provide the hands-on part of the examination.

They will do this with instructions from the doctor.

The technology is allowing people in the arctic to connect with specialists in urban centers in the south, Then You can now to be assessed, diagnosed, and treated Remotely.

This applies as well as people in small towns without access to a specialist.

Long Distance Doctors

In areas where travel is hazardous and medical professionals in short supply your remote connection allows doctor & nurse access

They will perform everything including a routine checkup to a well-baby assessment.

This will catch any problems earlier than if you must drive great distances for health services.

You also get advice on everything from basic health care practices to improved nutrition.

In some cases there is a regional health nurse but advice is needed from a higher level of care,

Then You can now access your doctor directly and the two health care professionals can work as a team to provide the necessary care

Minor injuries can be assessed and correct treatment prescribed, as well as Stroke assessments can be accurately performed, neurological exams can be completed.

Treatment programs discussed and agreed on to ensure the best possible outcome.

Imagine if you are in a remote area and have a stroke.

Most often you will miss being treated within the crucial time frame that will allow you to regain most of their lost function.

A video conference can be set up immediately with a neurologist.

Your assessment and recommendations for medication can be transmitted quickly enough for you to receive treatment that will be effective.

It can mean the difference between life and death, literally.

Videoconferencing has created opportunities for people to receive critical care in areas where that has been impossible in the past.

The future of videoconferencing in medicine looks bright.

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